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Planning a home renovation in Bathurst? It can be an exciting time, but one that also comes with a lot of stress and planning. There always end up being all kinds of things you have to consider that you hadn’t realised – such as the plumbing for your home improvement project! Expert Plumbing is here to help though – whatever your needs, we’ll deliver a quality solution in quick time, and to the highest standards. Find out a bit more about why we’re Bathurst’s number 1 choice for renovations.

DIY? Don’t Even Think About It!

Home renovations aren’t cheap, and it makes sense to research how to keep your budget from spiralling out of control. You might be tempted to think this means you shouldn’t get a professional home renovation plumber in, but this would be a big mistake! Our team has years of experience, as well as the training and accreditation to tackle even the most difficult plumbing jobs, while the chances are you won’t have dedicated the same amount of time to this!

You’ll regret it when a mistake costs you a lot of money in the future, so don’t take the risk – leave it to the professionals.

Going to Plan

Because of the complex nature of any home improvement work, it also makes sense to get advice and assistance when planning out the size and scope of the project. Our highly experienced team can help you along the way, and will work closely with you to design and implement a system that makes sense and also matches your individual requirements. Two heads are better than one, after all – and several (highly trained and qualified!) heads are even better.

Quality Appliances

EPSS will also be happy to advise and even provide top quality appliances and fittings to go in your kitchen, bathroom or wherever else you’re upgrading. We have access to top quality brands, and experience installing equipment efficiently and reliably. Whether you’re looking for your dream shower, or it’s time for a new sink or toilet, we’ll be happy to provide the best option.

Versatile Home Renovations in Bathurst

Whatever home improvement project you’re planning, your needs are going to vary, and EPSS is the perfect companion no matter how big or small the job. From a single room to the whole house, we’ll ensure that everything’s running smoothly, and that your dream home is a reality.

For a bit more information about our specific renovations in the Bathurst area, check out our Kitchen Renovations or Bathroom Renovations pages, or speak to our friendly team for a no obligation discussion or to book a quote!

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