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Struggling with leaking taps and toilets in the Bathurst area? If the constant dripping of your tap is slowly driving you mad, or you’re continually surprised by the water bill (and don’t have a teenage daughter constantly taking 30 minute showers to justify this) then you don’t need to suffer through it any more. Expert Plumbing are the experts when it comes to fixing your leaking toilets and taps, and we’re always ready to help any hour of the day or night.

Leaking Tap? ‘Tap’ Into Our Knowledge

A leaking tap might just seem like a small annoyance, but if you leave it too long, it will do more than just get on your nerves – it will start costing you money. Even if it’s only a small leak, it will build up over the weeks and months, and your water bill will soon start to suffer!

Luckily, here at EPSS, we can fix your leaking tap with the minimum fuss, and at an extremely competitive price. Sure, you could try fixing or replacing a tap yourself, but without our knowledge and experience you’re taking a big risk that you’ll just make the situation worse, and lead to more extensive repair work down the line.

No More Money Down the Toilet!

A leaking toilet is a real inconvenience, especially as it’s an area you really don’t want water escaping from!

If you suspect you might have a leaking toilet, there are a few giveaways to confirm your suspicions, such as:

  • Water dripping from the cistern
  • Water dripping on the floor when flushed
  • Water leaking under the toilet

So, you’ve discovered the problem. How do you go about fixing your leaking toilet though? Well, if you’re smart, you don’t – you get us to do it for you! No one wants to be rummaging around inside their toilet, but we bravely go where others won’t, to ensure that your bathroom plumbing is up to standard. We have the equipment and the expertise to make short work of jobs large and small, whether it’s a quick repair, or it comes down to completely replacing a toilet.

Leave it to Us

If you need a quick, cost-effective solution to your leaking taps and toilets in Bathurst, then there’s only one choice – us! We’ve proven over the years that we’re an honest, reliable and above all effective plumbing company with exceptional customer service and consistent results. Don’t risk your plumbing with bargain plumbers with promises that seem too good to be true, choose the company you can rely on.

For an honest quote, discussion about your needs, or even a plumbing emergency, contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we’ll be happy to help.

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