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Your pipes probably aren’t something you give much thought to most of the time, but as the saying goes, you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone! If you have a broken pipe or burst pipes in your Bathurst property, then this will suddenly become an issue that needs to be resolved quickly. Flood damage and increased water bills are just a couple of things you can look forward to if there’s a problem with a leaking or broken pipe. Who’s able to help you in this situation though?


Expert Plumbing and Solar Services is the number one choice anytime you need pipe repair in the Bathurst area. We’ve been helping homes and commercial properties for many years, and we’re available any time of day or night if the problem can’t wait until the morning! From our customer service, to our knowledge and expertise and transparent pricing, we’re the smart choice no matter the job.

Leaking Pipe, Leaking Money!

Burst pipes are often quite obvious – it’s hard to miss if your kitchen or bathroom is starting to become submerged, though sometimes signs will be a bit more subtle. A leaking pipe, however, can be a lot harder to detect, but it’s also a very inconvenient and costly problem. Here are a few signs you might have a leaking pipe:

  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Noisy or dripping taps
  • Damp spots on floors, walls or ceilings

What starts off as a small problem can become a huge one if left untreated. If a pipe is bursting when you’re out of the house, it can quickly lose hundreds of litres of water every hour – which means you’ll be out of pocket. That’s why if you have any suspicions, or just need an inspection or maintenance for peace of mind, you should contact Expert Plumbing.

Emergency Pipe Repair in Bathurst

Sometimes a plumbing issue can’t wait. If worst comes to worst and your pipe bursts, you’ll need someone to help. Luckily, EPSS are fast and reliable Emergency Plumbers! We operate 24/7, meaning we’re available whenever you need us, and we’ll come to you quickly, and with a fully stocked vehicle ready to tackle the toughest issues. Whether it’s a pipe bursting and leaving you struggling to prevent a flood, or any other kind of broken pipe repair that needs a rapid solution, we’re on the case.

Choose EPSS Today!

EPSS has been helping homes and businesses with leaking and burst pipes in the Bathurst area for many years, and we’re always here for you whether you need an inspection, maintenance, or even an emergency quick-fix. Our experience, knowledge and equipment, coupled with our friendly, professional staff and superior customer service means we’re the perfect choice for all your plumbing needs.

We have many satisfied customers, and we’re sure you could be the next one! If you require broken pipe repair, or one of our many other services, then Contact Us today for an honest, reliable quote.

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