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Is Your Property Water Compliant?

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Ensuring that your property is water compliant is an important part of responsible living, particularly in light of environmental difficulties and ongoing water shortages across the country. It’s important to play your part in the fight against water wastage, notwithstanding the fact that it will save you money too!

If you are a property owner with tenants in the property, you must ensure the property is water efficiency compliant before you are allowed to pass the costs of water usage on to the tenant. As such, as a landlord, it’s vital to ensure that your property is compliant as soon as possible.

In order to prove compliance and pass on water usage costs, you must show: the rental property is individually water metered, the amount being billed does not exceed the amount charged by the water company, and that the property meets water efficiency standards.

Those water efficiency standards are relatively simple to meet. There must be no leaking taps on the premises. Each showerhead can have a maximum flow rate of nine litres per minute. And, all internal cold water taps (or single mixer taps) in the kitchen and bathroom sinks have a maximum flow rate of nine litres per minute.

Even if you’re not a landlord looking to pass on water usage costs, making your property water efficient makes good economic and practical sense. It adds to the value of your home, will drive down your own water usage costs, and will help the environment. If you’re not sure about water compliance in your property, speak to a LICENSED PLUMBER today who will be able to give you practical advice on how to make your home compliant, as well as other water saving and water efficiency tips for your home.