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Top Environmentally Friendly Plumbing Solutions To Implement In Your Home

Water Flowing From Shower Head

Creating an eco-friendly house isn’t just about solar panels and growing your own veggies; good plumbing can also make your home more sustainable.

Using environmentally friendly and long-lasting equipment and materials is a significant component of sustainable plumbing, including everything from saving and reusing water to conserving energy.

Here are the top environmentally friendly plumbing solutions to implement in your home.

Choose Quality Over Cheapness

If you need to repair or renew anything, you should replace it with parts of the highest quality possible.

This will reduce waste and increase the reliability of the plumbing system since you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

The cost of buying a $100 tap at a big box department store is about the same as buying $2 toys at a discount store. You can get a great deal, and it looks great, but the item breaks down quickly and ends up in the trash, so your bargain isn’t a bargain at all.

You should buy quality Australian brands because they are made locally (less carbon footprint), come with warranties, and, most importantly, look great.

Environmentally Friendly Parts

Consider choosing environmentally friendly plumbing components, like pipes made from sustainable materials that won’t degrade as quickly as cheap and nasty counterparts. Look for plumbing components that are non-toxic and ethically produced.

When it comes to green plumbing, there is a lot of planning and consideration to consider, so talk to us if you are unsure, and we can help you decide what is suitable for you.

Think Green

You may want to consider environmentally friendly items if you’re on a mission to install sustainable plumbing and have a budget to execute your goals, or if you’d like to update your plumbing anyway.

In addition to eco-friendly appliances such as water-saving toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines, you can also incorporate solar hot water systems or change your hot water tank to a continuous flow system to save water and power.

Think Differently About Your Water and Irrigation

To meet your sustainability goals, you can do more elaborate things with your plumbing.

Rainwater harvesting involves gathering runoff from various surfaces – think roofs and driveways – and storing it for later use, such as flushing toilets, watering the garden, and cleaning cars.

Rainwater tanks can qualify for incentives, such as council rebates, so check with your local council if you’re eligible for one.

Greywater Recycling

Water from baths, sinks, showers and washing machines can be reused with greywater systems, accounting for around 70 per cent of household water usage. Using this water for flushing toilets and watering the garden is similar to water harvesting.

Eco-Friendly Toilets

It is easy to upgrade a plumbing system with eco-friendly toilets. In addition to being more energy and water efficient, this appliance does not lose any functionality compared to traditional models.

Invest in toilet water savers if you can’t afford a brand new model.

They can potentially save thousands of litres of water every year by combating one of the largest water wasters in the home. Shop for toilet water saver kits, leak detection dye tablets, and toilet tank banks.

Smarter Shower Heads

Water-saving showerheads can reduce how much water you use by controlling the water flow or aerating it. While still having a pleasant shower experience, you can reduce the amount of water coming out of your shower head by up to 50%.

Installing a flow regulator on your shower head is another easy way to save water. By reducing the water output of your shower head, a flow regulator limits the amount of water you use.

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