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Australia is famous for its hot, sunny weather, and what better way is there of powering your hot water than by utilising the energy of the sun? It’s clean, it’s natural, there’s an unlimited supply (at least in summer) and best of all, it’s free! If you’re interested in solar hot water systems in the Bathurst area, then Expert Plumbing & Solar Services is the perfect choice – as you can tell by the name.

How Does it Work?

A solar hot water system consists of roof-mounted solar panels, coupled with a storage tank which is either located on the roof as well, or at ground level. A gas or electric booster can also be added as a kind of backup, during periods of low light.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative!

Greenhouse gases are a real problem when it comes to the environment, and unfortunately heating water is the largest source of these emissions in an Australian household. That’s why a solar hot water heater is such a great choice. You might have children who will grow up in a much different society because of our large carbon footprint, and switching to solar is just one method you can use to become more sustainable and look after the planet for the next generation.

Did Someone Say Subsidy?

Of course, doing it out of the goodness of your heart shouldn’t be your only motive for switching to solar, and when you’re shopping for a solar water heater price is another reason it’s an attractive option. Because solar power is a sustainable option that won’t harm the environment, the government is naturally enthusiastic about promoting the use of solar hot water systems. That’s why many solar water heaters are available with rebates or subsidies from the government as an incentive to adopt this method. You’re not only helping the environment, you’re helping your bank account at the same time – it’s a no-brainer!

The Solar Power Experts

Expert Plumbing is made up of a team who are hugely knowledgeable about all things solar-powered. We know this might be an area you’re not too familiar with, but why bother worrying about it when we can take care of things for you? We can recommend and install some of the leading brands available, and advise you on which is best for your situation. Over time, your investment is likely to pay off in a big way, since your heating costs will be non-existent!

So-lar, So Good

If you like the sound of our solar hot water systems in the Bathurst region, then why not find out why we’re renowned as the plumbers homes and businesses in the area rely on? Our customer service, attention to detail, equipment and above all expertise ensure that every job, large or small, is a success. We’re willing to guarantee it too!

If you’re interested in a fair, no-obligation quote, or you’d like to discuss your solar hot water needs a little more, then feel free to contact us – we look forward to helping!

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