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While we’ve got a range of great plumbing solutions for those with a gas water heater, Expert Plumbing also offer a range of alternatives. If you’re looking for electric hot water systems in Bathurst, then we’re the smart choice, with top brands, and a variety of systems to choose from. Electricity is the preferred choice for many homes and businesses because of its relative safety compared to gas, as well as being generally being more efficient and convenient (not requiring the pilot light to be on continuously).

Read on to find out a bit more about our electric hot water systems Bathurst residents can have installed or repaired by our professional and friendly team.

Electric Hot Water Tank – The Traditional Option

A storage hot water system (otherwise known as an electric hot water tank) has been the most common type of electric water heater in Australia for many years. Our team are vastly experienced repairing or installing these systems, and we can send a plumber who knows them like the back of their hand! These tanks can heat large amounts of water at once, making them ideal for those with large energy demands (e.g large families or businesses), though they are less efficient than an instant electric hot water system, which only heats what’s required.

Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Systems – A Cutting-Edge Choice

While the electric hot water tank is still a popular option, more and more homes and businesses are now opting for instantaneous electric hot water systems. These systems heat water as they pass through the unit, meaning energy is only used when you turn the tap on, for a cost effective and energy efficient option. It might take slightly longer to heat up than a tank system, but once the water has reached the right temperature you won’t have to worry about suddenly experiencing a freezing cold shower midway through your morning routine! Another benefit is that you’re not wasting anywhere as much energy as older systems, where large amounts of water are heated at once.

Let Our Experts Help!

The world of electric hot water systems can be a confusing one, and the right system for you will differ depending on what your individual situation is. Why not stop worrying about this, and let us give you advice and guidance through the process? We’ll make sure you’re set up with the most energy efficient, cost effective and safest option long-term.

It’s not just installations – if you have any repairs that need attending to (even emergencies in the middle of the night!) then we’ll quickly be able to detect the issue and remedy it. Our attention to detail, expertise and considerate, professional manner have helped us gain the reputation as the premier hot water plumbers in the Bathurst area and beyond, and we want to maintain our high standards.

Get in touch today for your very own custom solution – we look forward to helping!

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