What to Do When You Have Burst Pipes in Bathurst

Bathurst is no stranger to cold winters. Yet when temperatures dip especially low, particularly in the higher elevations, you may find yourself in need of a plumber should your pipes freeze or even burst. While frozen pipes are a serious issue which should be prevented if possible, burst pipes are another matter entirely, requiring an urgent visit from the plumbers. If you are experiencing or suspect you may have burst pipes at your Bathurst residence, you should call Expert Plumbing & Solar Services Bathurst for an emergency call.

Frozen or burst pipes are particularly common in older homes, but they can happen to anyone depending on where your pipes are located and how well they have been insulated. Bursts in pipes can occur during cold weather due to water’s tendency to expand as its freezes. Weak or uninsulated metal or plastic pipes may burst because of this expansion.

Of course, pipes can burst for other reasons as well. Burst pipes in Bathurst may also be the result of a defective pressure regulator, which could allow water pressure to build up within your pipes until they break and fail. Clogging or corrosion could also be to blame for your burst pipes.

No matter the cause, as soon as you are aware of having burst pipes at your Bathurst property, you should act quickly before it can wreak havoc in your home and potentially cause severe damage. For emergency assistance, EPSSB is available 24 hours a day to come out to your residence and repair your burst pipes immediately. When your pipes burst in Bathurst, we have you covered.

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